Installing a Package from AUR (Archlinux User Repository)

According to the Building Packages page from the Arch Linux, you need to:

  • Install the build essentials. These are needed to compile packages on Arch Linux.
$ sudo pacman -S kernel26-headers file base-devel abs
  • Obtain the PKGBUILD. You need to download the tarball that you want. You can find the tarballs for programs in the Archlinux User Repository (AUR).
  • Make the packages. Next you need to run makepkg in order to generate a package that pacman can install.
$ makepkg -Acs

The -A option ignores the target Arch architecture. The -c option cleans up the directory after makepkg is done, and -s installs the needed dependencies.

It is advised that you do NOT run makepkg as root as it can cause permanent damage to your system. If you really need to run it as root though, use the –asroot option.

  • Install the package. makepkg should have create a file in the directory with the filetype .pkg.tar.xz. You should install this package by using the -U option with pacman.
$ sudo pacman -U x.pkg.tar.xz

Make sure you replace x.pkg.tar.xz with the actual package name.

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