As well as creating our own open-source products, Fudcom can provide solutions to your I.T. problems, or even strengthen your existing I.T. team. We have been working in the Java domain since 1999 and have experience in many different areas of application and system design.

      • Design and implement web or desktop applications that are easy to maintain and scale well.
      • Leverage existing in-house software by modernizing old software incrementally, instead of starting from scratch.
      • Continuous integration and delivery.
      • Hunt down and fix difficult to find software bugs or performance problems.
      • And much more…

We are currently based in the Netherlands, if you are interested in hiring us, please send an email to

See KrisĀ“ (the owner of Fudcom) Linkedin profile for information about the work experience. KrisĀ“ full resume is available upon request.