WebSphere Clear Old EJB Timer Tasks

In some cases old timer task might become orphaned in the EJB timer database, due to application name changes or other circumstances. You’ll see these kind of errors in the logs:
[31-5-16 15:45:46:648 CEST] 00000024 SchedulerDaem W SCHD0103W: The Scheduler WebSphere_EJB_Timer_Service (WebSphere_EJB_Timer_Service) was unable to run task 204 because the application or module is unavailable: my-app#my-ejb-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar#MyEJB.

There is no ability to remove timers from the admin console, but you can use the WAS_HOME/bin/cancelEJBTimers command to remove them. You can view them first using the findEJBTimers command.